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New Construction

... custom, professional, quality...

Custom homes are our specialty! 

Each house has its own special plumbing needs.  Each homeowner wants his/her plumbing "just so".  We understand that and would like the opportunity to bid on your next building project.

Perhaps, you just want to modernize your kitchen or spruce up that well-used, old bathroom to give it a fresh new look?  We can do that too!

At Kendall Plumbing Company we do our best to provide a well-functioning plumbing system for our customers and contractors using quality materials and current installation methods.  Our "do it right" philosophy is carried throughout the job with the little things (like ball-valve shut-offs, brass fittings, isolation valves, 1/4-turn angle stops, etc.) that make a home more serviceable and easily maintained. 

For more information on project bids or to schedule a home inspection, please call our office at 310-390-9029.

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